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DataCamp for Business Demo: Build Data & AI Skills at Scale

Key Takeaways:
  • Why 80% of Fortune 1000 use DataCamp for Business to upskill their employees
  • How you can build scalable, tailored data upskilling programs with DataCamp for Business
  • How CBRE, Allianz, and Rolls Royce achieved measurable learning ROI with DataCamp for Business
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Wednesday, July 26 11AM ET

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In just under 30 minutes, discover how to launch successful data upskilling programs with DataCamp for Business.

Whether you are a data team manager or L&D leader, DataCamp for Business helps you build your teams’ data skills across all knowledge levels. From cutting-edge data science and machine Learning to transformative data literacy programs, DataCamp for Business helps you cultivate the data & AI skills you need on your teams.

Presenter Bio

Alena Guzharina Headshot
Alena GuzharinaProduct Marketing Manager

Alena holds a degree in data science and is now responsible for Product Marketing at DataCamp. She started her career as a Business Analyst and has worked across FinTech, Consulting, and Tech companies. With her experience in both SMBs and large corporations, she deeply believes that the ability to communicate with data is what makes modern organizations future-proof.

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