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Exploratory Data Analysis in Spreadsheets

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn to implement exploratory data analysis techniques in Google Sheets.
  • Learn to write spreadsheet formulas for data analysis. We will in particular learn these: XLOOKUP, FILTER, SUMIF, COUNTIF as well as Pivot Tables and Charts.
  • Learn how to organize your spreadsheets to communicate your results.
Friday September 15, 11AM ET
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Spreadsheets are a great tool for quickly exploring data, and this training covers techniques for rapidly extracting insights from a new dataset. You'll explore Fortune 500 data, creating summary statistics, pivot tables, and visualizations to identify patterns and trends in the world’s largest businesses.

Presenter Bio

Martina Chiari Headshot
Martina ChiariSenior Manager, Finance and Strategy at DataCamp

Martina studied corporate finance and business administration and has 15+ years experience in financial planning, GTM strategy, M&A and international tax. She began her career consulting for investment banks and private equity funds, then went in-house shifting her focus to the Software-as-a-Service industry. 

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