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How To 10x Your Data Team's Productivity With LLM-Assisted Coding

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how LLM-assisted coding can unlock huge productivity gains for your data team.
  • Learn how to change processes and workflows to take advantage of the new technology.
  • Understand how this changes the required skillset for your data practitioners.
Thursday, July 25 11AM ET
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The ability of large language models to write code has upended how data and software teams work. Huge productivity gains are possible from LLM-assisted coding, but you need to learn how to unlock them.

In this session, Gunther, the CEO at Waii.ai, explains what technology, talent, and processes you need to reap the benefits of LLL-assisted coding to increase your data teams' productivity dramatically.

Presenter Bio

Gunther Hagleitner Headshot
Gunther HagleitnerCEO & Co-founder at Waii.ai

Gunther runs the text-to-SQL AI company Waii.ai. He is an experienced engineering and data leader helping build the next generation of data analysis tooling. He is a member of several Apache Software Foundation Projects and was previously SVP of Engineering and Product at Cribl and CVP of Engineering at Cloudera.

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