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Introduction to Experiment Tracking

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn the steps involved in tracking data experiments.
  • Learn how to scale your use of experiments.
  • Learn how to use DagsHub for managing experiments and other machine learning projects.
Wednesday July 19, 11 AM ET
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It is very common for organizations to run many experiments - such as A/B tests - at the same time. The knowledge gained from these tests can only be acted upon if they are carefully managed and studied. This webinar shows you how to get started with experiment tracking, a pivotal yet frequently overlooked aspect of the data science lifecycle. You'll learn about the importance experiment tracking plays in ensuring reproducibility and how using it can allow you to update your internal understanding of your task more systematically. You'll also discover how to use DagsHub to manage a single data experiment, then how to scale this to many experiments.

Presenter Bio

Jinen Setpal Headshot
Jinen SetpalMachine Learning Engineer at DagsHub

As a machine learning researcher and engineer, Jinen is at the forefront of deep learning and MLOps. He has worked extensively on challenges within NLP, CV and recently machine interpretability, and at DagsHub his work involves making it easier for everyone to systematically develop and iterate on their MLOps projects.

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