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Retrieval Augmented Generation with LlamaIndex

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to store text in the Chroma vector database.
  • Learn how to use retrieval augmented generation to combine LLama 2 and Chroma.
  • Learn how to develop AI applications using LlamaIndex
Tuesday December 12, 11AM ET
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Large language models (LLMs) like Llama 2 are the must-have technology of the year. Unfortunately, LLMs can't accurately answer questions about your business because they lack enough domain knowledge. The solution is to combine the LLM with a vector database like Chroma—a technique known as retrieval augmented generation (RAG). Beyond this, incorporating AI into products is best done with an AI application framework, like LlamaIndex.

In this session you'll learn how to get started with Chroma and perform Q&A on some documents using Llama 2, the RAG technique, and LlamaIndex.

Presenter Bio

Dan Becker Headshot
Dan BeckerChief Generative AI Architect at Straive; Founder at Build Great AI

Dan Becker is one of the top thought leaders on machine learning and AI. He's the Chief Generative AI Architect at Straive, building AI solutions for content technology. He also runs the Build Great AI consultancy, and was previously VP of ML Development Tools at DataRobot. Dan is also a successful Kaggle competitor, the author of "Automated Machine Learning for Business", and the DataCamp course "Introduction to Deep Learning in Python".

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