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Revolutionizing Decision Making using AI

Key Takeaways:
  • The foundational bedrock of AI is good data
  • Decision design requires sound business knowledge
  • AI can unlock significant benefits transforming organizations
Thursday November 16, 11AM ET
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An average adult makes 35,000 decisions in a day. In the work setting, we are constantly making decisions based on a changing set of variables.

One of the key drivers of commercial success for an enterprise is improving the process to make better decisions. How can we use data and analytics to make our decisions more intelligent? Better yet, how can we create solutions that take away the ambiguity, inconsistency and fatigue that humans are prone to, and replace that with autonomous and cognitive skills.

AI has a significant role to revolutionize decision making. But our AI is only as intelligent as we design it to be. How can we revolutionize decision-making using AI?

Presenter Bio

Arun Nandi Headshot
Arun NandiSr. Director & Head of Data & Analytics at Unilever

Arun is a visionary Head of Data & Analytics at Unilever, recognized as one of the Top 100 Influential AI & Analytics leaders. With over 15 years of experience driving analytics-driven value in organizations, he has built data and analytics practices from the ground up on several occasions. Arun advocates the adoption of AI to overcome enterprise-wide challenges and create growth. Beyond his professional achievements, Arun loves to travel, exploring over 40 countries and is passionate about adventure motorbiking.

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