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Unpacking the Fun in Data Governance: The Key to Scaling Data Quality

Key Takeaways:
  • The fundamentals of data governance and its importance
  • How to best approach data governance in a modern decentralized landscape
  • Effective strategies for making data governance accessible & relevant for the wider organization
Wednesday February 28, 11AM ET
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Data Governance needs rebranding. It’s still seen as a blocker and the police, but in today’s world driven by AI and regulations, it’s more important than ever to have a modern, data-consumption-focused approach.

In this webinar, Tiankai Feng, Head of Data Strategy & Data Governance at Thoughtworks Europe, will walk you through the objectives, concepts, and best practices of setting up effective data governance programs and how to best evangelize data quality within your organization.

Presenter Bio

Tiankai Feng Headshot
Tiankai FengHead of Data Strategy & Data Governance, Thoughtworks Europe

Tiankai had many data hats on in his career so far—marketing data analyst, data product owner, analytics capability lead, and, for the last few years, data governance leader. He has found a passion for the human side of data—how to collaborate, coordinate, and communicate around data. TIankai often uses his music and humor to make data more approachable and fun.

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