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Using AI to Enhance Product Pages with LangChain and Python

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how AI can be used to personalize content and make better product pages.
  • Learn how to get started with LangChain for creating AI applications.
  • Learn how to use AI models to create bespoke product page content.
Tuesday August 22, 11AM ET
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Every retail site has hundreds or thousands or pages describing their products. Until recently, personalizing those pages for customers was time consuming and prohibitively expensive. Generative AI has unlocked a new capability for retail businesses by making this possible.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to use generative AI tools, including LangChain, to make better retail product pages.

Presenter Bio

Jikku Jose Headshot
Jikku JoseCEO at StoryBrain

Jikku is a serial entrepreneur, having founded 4 startups. He founded the product development consultancy Qucentis 15 years ago, and his latest venture, StoryBrain, is about using AI to improve product images and videos. His startups have a common theme of using cutting edge technology to improve customer experiences.

Jibin Mathew Headshot
Jibin MathewCTO at StoryBrain

Jibin is a machine learning expert and entrepreneur. As CTO at StoryBrain, he is building a platform to enhance retail experiences. He previously served as CTO for Accubits Technologies. He is the author of "PyTorch Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals" and the creator of the online course "Hands on Natural Language Processing with PyTorch".

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