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Using Large Language Models with the Cohere API

Key Takeaways:
  • Understand common uses large language models and how to get started with the Cohere API
  • Learn how to perform language generation tasks using the Cohere API
  • Learn how to solve common business text problems with the Cohere API
Tuesday, October 3 11AM ET
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Generative AI, and generating text with large language models in particular, is the biggest AI innovation in recent times. Leading this innovation wave are a select few organizations building the most cutting-edge large language models, Cohere being one of them.

Cohere provides an LLM for solving business problems. In this session, you'll learn to use the Cohere API with Python to generate content based on a given prompt, extract information from documents, and build a semantic search engine.

Presenter Bio

Rishit Dholakia Headshot
Rishit DholakiaMember of Technical Staff for Machine Learning at Cohere

Rishit is a machine learning engineer, working on building and improving the large language models at Cohere. He has previously worked in natural language processing and deep learning in banking, retail, and edtech.

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