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An Interview With Ron Pearson, author of Data Visualization in R

DataChats is a show where we interview influential people in the data science community. This week: Ron Pearson.
Dec 2016  · 1 min read

Hey R fans! A new episode of DataCamp's DataChats video series is out! 

In this episode, we interview Ronald Pearson. Ron holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from M.I.T. and has written or co-written five books. Furthermore, he is the author and maintainer of the GoodmanKruskal R package, and one of the authors of the datarobot R package.

Together with Nick, Ron talks about his passion for exploratory data analysis, inliers (vs outliers), why he is so excited about the evolution of machine learning models and much more.

We hope that you enjoy watching this series and make sure you don't to miss any of our upcoming episodes by subscribing to DataCamp's YouTube channel!

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