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DataChats: An Interview with David Stoffer

In episode 12 of DataChats, Lore from DataCamp talks with David Stoffer about his latest course ARIMA Modeling with R and more.
Mar 2017  · 1 min read

Hi R enthusiasts, we've released episode 12 of our DataChats video series.

In this episode, we interview David Stoffer. David is a Professor of Statistics at the University of Pittsburgh. He is member of the editorial board of the Journal of Time Series Analysis and Journal of Forecasting. David is the coauthor of the book "Time Series Analysis and Its Applications: With R Examples", which is the basis of his course. Another (free) book he wrote on Time Series Analysis is available here. Check out his course to learn more: ARIMA Modeling with R.

We hope that you enjoy watching this series and make sure not to miss any of our upcoming episodes by subscribing to DataCamp's YouTube channel!

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