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DataChats: An Interview with Hank Roark

Nick interviews Hank Roark, senior data scientist at Boeing, about his career, his course, and more.
Mar 2017  · 1 min read

Hola! We just released episode 14 of our DataChats video series, you'll like this one.

In this episode, we interview Hank Roark. Hank is a Senior Data Scientist at Boeing and a long time user of the R language. Prior to his current role, he led the Customer Data Science team at, a leading provider of machine learning and predictive analytics services. You can take Hank's course, Unsupervised Learning in R, here!

Here, Hank Roark answers Nick's questions about his career into data science, work automation, the importance of communicating your results as a data scientist in both directions and much more!

We hope that you enjoy watching this series and make sure not to miss any of our upcoming episodes by subscribing to DataCamp's YouTube channel!

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