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Introducing DataFramed, a Data Science Podcast

Hugo Bowne-Anderson,
January 19, 2018 min read
In the data science podcast DataFramed, Hugo Bowne-Anderson interviews industry experts on what data science is, what problems it tries to solve and what it looks like in practice.

We are super pumped to be launching a weekly data science podcast called DataFramed, in which Hugo Bowne-Anderson (me), a data scientist and educator at DataCamp, speaks with industry experts about what data science is, what it's capable of, what it looks like in practice and the direction it is heading over the next decade and into the future.

You can check out the podcast here and make sure to subscribe, rate and review!

For a sneak peak, check out the trailer above!

Instead of answering "what is data science?" merely through the lens of related technologies, tools and skill-sets, a methodology commonly invoked to discover what data science is, we have decided to answer this question by delving into what modern data science looks like in practice via in-depth conversations with practitioners. These are the types of conversations we all have over dinner, around the water cooler and at conferences and I am happy to be formalizing them and bringing them to you in podcast form.

We're launching with a bang!

Early next week we'll be releasing 6 episodes, which were honestly so much fun to record. In these episodes, I'll be speaking with

  • Hilary Mason (VP of Research at Cloudera Fast Forward Labs and Data Scientist in Residence at Accel Partners),
  • Chris Volinksy (Assistant Vice President for Big Data Research at AT&T Labs and a member of the 7-person, 4-country team that won the $1M Netflix Prize),
  • Ben Skrainka (data scientist at Convoy, a company dedicated to revolutionizing the North American trucking industry with data science),
  • Maelle Salmon (Statistician/data scientist in Public Health, Epidemiology, #rstats) and
  • Dave Robinson (StackOverflow).

data science podcast

These interviews will be interspersed with brief segments on "Tales from the Open Source", "Statistical Pitfalls", "Data Science blog post of the week" and "Stack Overflow diaries", to name a few. The mission of these segments is to explain and discuss in brief topics essential to any working data scientist's toolbox.

Future episodes will include interviews with Mike Tamir (Head of Data Science Uber ATG), Mara Averick (Tidyverse Dev Advocate, RStudio), Emily Robinson (Etsy) and Drew Conway (Alluvium).

If you have any suggestions or would like to come on the show, do reach out to me on twitter @hugobowne.

Original music and sounds by The Sticks.