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R Tutorials: DataMind Changes Name to DataCamp

Karlijn Willems,
January 28, 2014 min read
DataCamp is the fastest way to learn R and data science. Learn in the comfort of your own browser via R tutorials and challenges.

We’re happy to announce that, effective immediately, we’ve officially changed our startup’s name from DataMind to DataCamp. As of now DataCamp will offer you even better R tutorials.

It was very obvious from the start that we did not want to become the next consultancy firm -in a row of many- that offered training and learning services on the side. We believed that the time was ripe to build a company within the field of data science that had education and training as its sole core. A company that would develop tailored educational technology to use it to offer something more exciting than the traditional two-week seminars or long monotonous webinars (depending on which of the two you can afford). The vision was to build a tailored online learning platform that offered students and professionals an engaging, learning-by-doing environment where they could build their knowledge through in-browser coding and exercises.

Today, it seems like there is indeed room for a vision like ours. Everyday, more and more (soon-to-be) data analysts are finding their way to our free interactive intro to R course, and based on the increasing retention figures we have (at least the impression) that they like the interactive learning approach a lot. This traction allowed us to make improvements faster, and just recently we managed to get out of the beta stage.

So why the name change? In the process of building the learning platform, and spreading the message of it to students, professionals and academics, we learnt that a more professional image would benefit us if we wanted to access bigger players in the market, more funding sources, and better mentors. So, for the benefit of the project’s growth and future, we decided to do a name switch. Instead of the playful domain name you can now find us on the more professional

We felt that the timing was right because we will be releasing some interesting new features to the the online interactive learning platform (like a new gamfication system) in the upcoming months. Even more exciting is that we have recently started working together with Coursera professors on how to integrate DataCamp with their course. This will hopefully allow even more students and starting data scientists to become familiar with the power and benefits of R. But more on that in our next post…

We hope that you’ll love our new name as much as we do!