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Data Science Tutorials

Advance your data career with our data science tutorials. We walk you through challenging data science functions and models step-by-step.
Data Science

Docker for Data Science: An Introduction

In this Docker tutorial, discover the setup, common Docker commands, dockerizing machine learning applications, and industry-wide best practices.

Arunn Thevapalan

January 27, 2023


Python Multiprocessing Tutorial

Discover the basics of multiprocessing in Python and the benefits it can bring to your workflows.
Kurtis Pykes 's photo

Kurtis Pykes

August 30, 2022


Two Simple Methods To Convert A Python File To An Exe File

Learn what an executable file is and why it may be useful while looking at how to convert a Python script to an executable using auto-py-to-exe.
Kurtis Pykes 's photo

Kurtis Pykes

August 28, 2022


21 Essential Python Tools

Learn about the essential Python tools for software development, web scraping and development, data analysis and visualization, and machine learning.
Abid Ali Awan's photo

Abid Ali Awan

August 24, 2022

Power BI

How to Create a Power BI Heatmap

Understand all the ins and outs of how to create Power BI heatmaps and their applications
Zoumana Keita 's photo

Zoumana Keita

August 16, 2022


Creating Synthetic Data with Python Faker Tutorial

Generating synthetic data using Python Faker to supplement real-world data for application testing and data privacy.
Abid Ali Awan's photo

Abid Ali Awan

August 10, 2022