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Data Science & AI Code-Alongs

From data visualization to AI, code-along with experts as they solve real-world problems. Work your way through an entire project with the help of a screencast, so you never get stuck.
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Become an AI Developer

Taught by instructors from:

Building AI Systems with OpenAI & LangChain

Master the OpenAI API & LangChain packages and build AI proof of concepts along the way.

Richie Cotton
Introduction to Large Language Models with GPT & LangChain

Richie Cotton

Olivier Mertens
Prompt Engineering with GPT & LangChain

Olivier Mertens

Korey Stegared-Pace
Building Multimodal AI Applications with LangChain & the OpenAI API

Korey Stegared-Pace

Developing AI Applications with GPT and Pinecone

Combine the power of Pinecone vector databases and the OpenAI API and build chatbots with long term memory.

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Data Analysis

Exploring World Cup Data in Power BI

We'll use custom visualizations for data analysis and DAX for data manipulation

Jess Ahmet

November 25, 2022

Data Analysis

Live Training: Analyzing a Marketing Funnel in Spreadsheets

Learn to query data from multiple sources, perform aggregations and visualize it
Ariel Hendrick's photo

Ariel Hendrick

October 25, 2022

Data Analysis

Using DataLab in Data Academies

Learn how to use DataCamp Workspace as part of a corporate training program
Filip Schouwenaars's photo

Filip Schouwenaars

September 30, 2022

Data Analysis

Solving an HR Analytics Case Study with Power BI

Import, analyze and build your very own data model in Power BI Desktop.
Jess Ahmet's photo

Jess Ahmet

August 26, 2022

Data Analysis

Where is Will? Exploring Cell Phone Data in Tableau

Using real-world cell phone data, we extract useful & interesting insights
Maarten Van den Broeck's photo

Maarten Van den Broeck

August 8, 2022

Data Analysis

Visualizing Cost Savings in Tableau

Build dashboards in Tableau, and add interactive elements to explore datasets.
Conor Oliver's photo

Conor Oliver

July 29, 2022

Data Analysis

Solving a Job Interview Case Study with Power BI

Learn to solve an interview case study in Power BI using customer churn dataset.
Iason Prassides's photo

Iason Prassides

July 7, 2022

Data Analysis

Predicting Hotel Booking Cancellations in Python

Learn to build a machine learning model that predicts hotel cancellations
Filip Schouwenaars's photo

Filip Schouwenaars

June 22, 2022

Data Science

Land Your Dream Job with a Data Science Portfolio

We discuss the importance of a data science portfolio and how to build it.
Richie Cotton's photo

Richie Cotton

Jen Bricker's photo

Jen Bricker

April 26, 2022