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Building Data Literacy at Starbucks

Megan Brown, Director of Data Literacy and Knowledge Management at Starbucks, discusses what they have done to forge data culture and data literacy at Starbucks.

May 2022
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Key Takeaways


User experience research is vital to scaling data literacy in your organization.


Meeting short-term business objectives can help build trust and secure support from executive leadership for larger data initiatives.


Helping people immediately do their jobs better and easier using data is the key to instilling a desire to improve their data literacy.

Key Quotes

An organization will not change unless its leader really wants it to. If leaders are not willing to tell their teams that using data to make decisions is important and incentivize people who are actually using data to make decisions, then change won’t happen. You'll get the early adopters and no one else because everyone else is busy with their jobs as they are. So, we do go for a bit of the low-hanging fruit when it comes to the teams we work with because we need to invest in the right places where we think we're going to have an impact.

We have erred on the side of being as close as possible to the short-term business objectives. If we can improve people's work this week, then we're really happy. Let's say you're in marketing and you have three marketing dashboards but you only use one. We can introduce you to the other two, talk about the concepts very briefly, and get you using them. We want to work toward actually having a crew of people that want more. We want more advocates asking harder questions of our analytics and insights team.

About Megan Brown

Photo of Megan Brown
Megan Brown

Megan is the Director of Data Literacy for the Analytics & Insights team at Starbucks. Megan sets the strategy and roadmap for the team, including establishing A&I policy for launches, monitoring adoption and project transitions to ensure organizational resilience. Megan founded the Data Literacy team at Starbucks to drive analytics product adoption and translate complex concepts for business stakeholders.

Photo of Adel Nehme
Adel Nehme

Adel is a Data Science educator, speaker, and Evangelist at DataCamp where he has released various courses and live training on data analysis, machine learning, and data engineering. He is passionate about spreading data skills and data literacy throughout organizations and the intersection of technology and society. He has an MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics. In his free time, you can find him hanging out with his cat Louis.


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