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Data Science at Stitch Fix

September 10, 2018

Hugo speaks with Eric Colson, Chief Algorithms Officer at Stitch Fix.

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About Eric Colson

Photo of Eric Colson

Eric is Chief Algorithms Officer at Stitch Fix, where he leads a team of 100 data scientists, who specialize in a broad range of disciplines: statistical learning, machine learning, AI, human computation and distributed systems, to name just a few. 

Eric is responsible for the creation of dozens of algorithms at Stitch Fix that are pervasive to nearly every function of the company, from merchandise, inventory, and marketing to forecasting and demand, operations, and the styling recommender system. Under his guidance since 2012, the company has grown to become a quintessential data science-driven business. 100% of Stitch Fix’s profits come from what has been sold based on the algorithmic recommendations Eric and has team have created and the company is on track to surpass $1 billion in revenue in 2018. 

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Meet our host
Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Hugo is a data scientist, educator, writer and podcaster at DataCamp. His main interests are promoting data & AI literacy, helping to spread data skills through organizations and society and doing amateur stand up comedy in NYC.

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