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DataFramed is a podcast for data & analytics leaders looking to scale data science throughout their organization by equipping them with the insights to drive value from data science and create a data-driven culture. Each episode will feature a conversation with data science and analytics leaders who are transforming their organizations and are at the forefront of the data revolution. Whether you’re just getting started in your data career, or you’re a data leader looking to scale data driven decisions in your organization, you’ve found the right community.
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EP. 124

#124 Using AI to Improve Data Quality in Healthcare

In this episode, we speak with Nate Fox, the CTO, Co-Founder, and President of Ribbon Health, and Sunna Jo, a former pediatrician who is now a data scientist at Ribbon Health, about how AI can scale data quality in healthcare. 

January 29, 2023 • 40 minutes
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EP. 123
Data Science

Why We Need More Data Empathy

We talk with Phil Harvey about the concept of data empath, real-world examples of data empathy, the importance of practice when learning something new, the role of data empathy in AI development, and much more.

EP. 122
Data Science

How Organizations Can Bridge the Data Literacy Gap

Dr Selena Fisk joins the show to chat about the perception people have that "I'm not a numbers person" and how data literacy initiatives can move past that. How can leaders help their people bridge the data literacy gap and, in turn, create a data culture?

January 16, 2023 • 42 minutes
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EP. 120
Data Science

Data Trends & Predictions for 2023

DataCamp Co-founders, Jonathan Cornelissen, and Martijn Theuwissen break down the top data trends they are seeing in the data space today, as well as their predictions for the future of the data industry.

January 9, 2023 • 39 minutes
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EP. 2
Data Science

How Data Science is Impacting Telecommunications Networks

January 15, 2018

56 minutes

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