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DataFramed Podcast Series: AI and the Modern Data Stack

Find out about DataCamp's upcoming podcast series focussing on how AI is becoming a must-have for data teams and organizations.
Feb 2024

Arguably one of the biggest surprises of the generative AI revolution over the past 2 years lies in the counter-intuitiveness of its most successful use cases. Counter to most predictions made about AI years ago, AI-assisted coding, specifically AI-assisted data work, has been surprisingly one of the biggest killer apps of generative AI tools and copilots.

But what happens next if this is only the beginning?

What will analytics workflows look like when generative AI tools can also assist us in problem-solving? What type of analytics use cases can we expect to operationalize, and what tools can we expect to work with when AI systems can provide scalable qualitative data instead of relying on imperfect quantitative proxies?

To help you navigate the best way to incorporate AI into your data stack and reach the next level of AI integration, we’re releasing four specialized episodes of DataFramed, focusing on how AI is changing the modern data stack and the analytics profession at large.

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Episode 1: Why the Future of AI in Data will be Weird with Benn Stancil

Release date: Monday, February 19

Guest: Benn Stancil is the Field CTO at ThoughtSpot. He joined ThoughtSpot in 2023 as part of its acquisition of Mode, where he was a Co-Founder and CTO.

What you’ll learn: Benn and Adel talk about the nature of AI-assisted analytics workflows, the potential for generative AI in assisting problem-solving, how he imagines analytics workflows to look in the future, and a lot more.

Episode 2: How Databricks is Transforming Data Warehousing and AI with Ari Kaplan & Robin Sutara

Release date: Tuesday, February 20

Guests: Ari Kaplan is Databricks’ Head of Evangelism and "The Real Moneyball Guy"—the popular movie was partly based on his analytical innovations in Major League Baseball. He is a leading influencer in analytics, artificial intelligence, data science, and high-growth business innovation.

Robin Sutara is the Field CTO at Databricks. She has consulted with hundreds of organizations on data strategy, data culture, and building diverse data teams.

What you’ll learn: Richie, Ari, and Robin explore Databricks, the application of generative AI in improving services operations and providing data insights, data intelligence and lakehouse technology, how AI tools are changing data democratization, the challenges of data governance and management and how Databricks can help, the changing jobs in data and AI, and much more.

Episode 3: Adding AI to the Data Warehouse with Sridhar Ramaswamy

Release date: Wednesday, February 21

Guest: Sridhar Ramaswamy is SVP of AI at Snowflake and was formerly Co-Founder of Neeva, acquired in 2023 by Snowflake. Before founding Neeva, Sridhar oversaw Google's advertising products, including search, display, video advertising, analytics, shopping, payments, and travel.

What you’ll learn: Richie and Sridhar explore Snowflake and its uses, how generative AI is changing the attitudes of leaders towards data, how NLP and AI have impacted enterprise business operations as well as new applications of AI in an enterprise environment, the challenges of enterprise search, management and the role of semantic layers in the effective use of AI, a look into Snowflakes products including Snowpilot and Cortex, advice for organizations looking to improve their data management, and much more.

Episode 4: Accelerating AI Workflows with Nuri Cankaya & La Tiffaney Santucci

Release date: Thursday, February 22

Guests: Nuri Cankaya is VP of AI Marketing at Intel. Prior to Intel, Nuri spent 16 years at Microsoft, starting out as a Technical Evangelist, and leaving the organization as the Senior Director of Product Marketing.

La Tiffaney Santucci is Intel’s AI Marketing Director, specializing in their Edge and Client products. She has spent over a decade at Intel, focussing on partnerships with Dell, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

What you’ll learn: Richie, Nuri, and La Tiffaney explore AI’s impact on marketing analytics, how AI is being integrated into existing products, the workflow for implementing AI into business processes and the challenges that come with it, the importance of edge AI for instant decision-making in use-cases like self-driving cars, the emergence of AI engineering as a distinct field of work, the democratization of AI, what the state of AGI might look like in the near future, and much more.

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The four-episode DataFramed: AI in the Modern Data Stack series offers valuable insights into the world of AI, providing a comprehensive guide for professionals looking to capitalize on this revolutionary technology.

Tune in to the first episode and join our exploration into the transformative potential of AI in the modern data stack, and how you can successfully harness data and AI in your organization.

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