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Get advice on becoming a certified data scientist. Learn about your options, costs, and benefits of taking a data science certification to grow your skills & career.
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R Programming

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Adam Shafi

January 1, 1970


How to Research the Company for Your Next Data Science Interview

In this article, we will be discussing how to research a company to stand out and be successful in your next data science interview.
Raven Todd DaSilva's photo

Raven Todd DaSilva

June 14, 2022


Certificates or Certification: Which should you choose?

Navigating the world of data certificates and certification programs can be overwhelming, from understanding the requirements to recognizing the value that each may provide. We’ll help you understand the basics so you can make the right decisions for your needs.
Vicky Kennedy's photo

Vicky Kennedy

June 10, 2022

Product News

Introducing our Exclusive Community for DataCamp Certified Learners

DataCamp has launched an exclusive community platform for all learners who have become certified through our certification program to make the most of their newly acquired skills. Get certified today to access this exciting new platform!
Raven Todd DaSilva's photo

Raven Todd DaSilva

May 31, 2022

DataCamp Donates

Qualified Nonprofits Get DataCamp for Free! Apply to DataCamp Donates

Becoming a DataCamp Donates Partner Organization is a free and reliable way for nonprofits to help their community thrive during trying times. Apply on behalf of an organization today!

Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

March 22, 2022

Jonathan Cornelissen's photo

Jonathan Cornelissen

February 16, 2022

DataCamp Donates

Webinar: Certification and Career Services with DataCamp Donates

We held a special webinar for DataCamp Donates admins and learners from all over the world to give tips on how to land a job in data science with our new Certification and Career Services products.

Nathaniel Taylor-Leach

May 28, 2021


DataCamp R Certifications - Now Available on Your LinkedIn Profile

You can now quickly and easily integrate your course completion certificates with your LinkedIn profile
Karlijn Willems's photo

Karlijn Willems

May 18, 2015