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Learn more about analyzing data in our Power BI blog. Read use cases, discover techniques, and gain insights into creating databases, transforming data, & more.
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Power BI

Top 9 Power BI Dashboard Examples

Discover the potential of Power BI by looking at examples of dashboards and their various features

Eugenia Anello

August 10, 2022

Power BI

What can you do with Power BI?

Learning Power BI during free access week? Gain a better understanding of the art of the possible when mastering Power BI.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

July 18, 2022

Power BI

Top Power BI Jobs in 2022

Discover the top jobs you can land with Power BI skills, and learn why upskilling with this business intelligence powerhouse is a sure bet to supercharge your career prospects.
Joleen Bothma's photo

Joleen Bothma

June 24, 2022

Power BI

What is Power BI? - The Complete Guide to Power BI

Learn about the origins and development of this revolutionary business intelligence tool. Discover why industries across the globe rely on Power BI to visualize their data and inform their decision-making.

Wendy Gittleson

April 11, 2022

Data Visualization

Best Practices for Designing Dashboards

In this article, we'll share best practices for designing dashboards that are both aesthetic and functional, and share lists of tools to get you started with dashboarding today.
Anuj Syal's photo

Anuj Syal

April 8, 2022

Power BI

How to Transition From Excel to Power BI

Interested in learning Power BI but don't know where to start? Read this guide for step-by-step learning and resources to keep practicing what you learned
Eugenia Anello's photo

Eugenia Anello

March 30, 2022

Data Science

How Data & Culture Unlock Digital Transformation

Chief Data & Innovation Officer at Gulf Bank, Mai AlOwaish, outlines how a people and data-first approach can unlock the value of digital transformation for organizations across industries.
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

February 7, 2022

Power BI

How Power BI Helps Your Organization Achieve Greater Data Insights

Discover how Power BI can be leveraged to generate high-impact data visualizations and stories to drive scalable data-driven decision making in your organization.