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Read our data engineering blog to gain extra insight into how to build the tools, infrastructure, & frameworks to support data fluency in your business.
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Data Engineering

The Top 21 Data Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

With these top data engineering interview questions and answers, you can make sure you ace your next interview.

Abid Ali Awan

July 25, 2022


How Salesforce Created a High-Impact Data Science Organization

Anjali Samani shares what it takes to become a mature data organization and how to build an impactful, diverse data team, the hallmarks of a mature data organization, how to measure ROI on data initiatives, how Salesforce implements its data science function, and how to utilize strong relationships to develop trust with internal stakeholders and the data team.
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

July 25, 2022

Data Engineering

How to Become a Data Engineer

Learn what a data engineer does and what it takes to land a job in one of the most in-demand careers in data science.
Javier Canales Luna 's photo

Javier Canales Luna

May 4, 2022

Data Engineering

What is Data Engineering?

Learn what data engineering is, what is the difference between data science and data engineering, the scope in the field, and how to become one.
Çağlar Uslu's photo

Çağlar Uslu

January 27, 2022

Life at DataCamp

DataCamp Digest February 2021: Trends for the New Normal

Introducing a brand-new series highlighting our favorite articles of the month on all things data.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

February 10, 2021