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Learn all about the techniques & tools that data scientists are using to handle, process, & analyze big data. Gain insight to help upskill your career & team.
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Big Data

Top 30 PySpark Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

This article provides a comprehensive guide to PySpark interview questions and answers, covering topics from foundational concepts to advanced techniques and optimization strategies.

Maria Eugenia Inzaugarat

June 19, 2024

Big Data

Top 20 AWS Lambda Interview Questions and Answers for 2024

AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service and an increasingly common subject in technical interviews. Whether you're new to cloud computing or a seasoned pro, understanding AWS Lambda is essential.
Zoumana Keita 's photo

Zoumana Keita

May 26, 2024

Data Engineering

Flink vs. Spark: A Comprehensive Comparison

Comparing Flink vs. Spark, two open-source frameworks at the forefront of batch and stream processing.
Maria Eugenia Inzaugarat's photo

Maria Eugenia Inzaugarat

May 23, 2024

Data Literacy

The Complete Guide to Data Literacy

Discover why data literacy matters and learn how it can help your team thrive in an increasingly data-driven world.
Kurtis Pykes 's photo

Kurtis Pykes

April 19, 2022

Big Data

2022 data trends and predictions

In 2021, we witnessed the impact of COVID-19 on accelerating digital transformation. This rapid digitization has led to an explosion in the amount of data organizations are generating. As organizations look to reap the value of this data in 2022, they wi
Travis Tang's photo

Travis Tang

January 21, 2022

Big Data

How Data Discovery Tools Enable Data Democratization

Understand how top-performing companies solve data discovery challenges to drive data fluency at scale.

Kevin Babitz

March 26, 2021

Big Data

How Thick Data Compliments Big Data

Everyone wants to have a handle on big data. But small data and qualitative data are just as important.
Joyce Chiu's photo

Joyce Chiu

August 17, 2020

Big Data

5 Things Business Leaders Need to Know About Data Strategy

Find out how to build a healthy and sustainable data strategy that will move the needle for your company.
Joyce Chiu's photo

Joyce Chiu

March 10, 2020

Big Data

The Path to Becoming a Data Engineer

The definitive guide to help you become a data engineer.
Vincent Vankrunkelsven's photo

Vincent Vankrunkelsven

December 10, 2019