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Teachers & Students Get Premium DataCamp Free Their Entire Academic Careers

No hacks, no tricks. Students and teachers, read on to learn how to get the data education that’s rightfully yours for free.
Updated Aug 2023  · 4 min read

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No, this isn’t too good to be true. DataCamp believes education is a basic human right.

While many of our Enterprise clients are academic institutions, we will never charge teachers and young adults anything for our services. Through DataCamp Classrooms, you can access all of DataCamp's content for the entirety of your academic career without paying a cent. That's 450+ courses across all data and AI topics and technologies, 100+ projects, 20+ skill assessments, 5 Certifications, Premium Workspace, our mobile app, plus countless other resources. Best of all, teachers get a group dashboard for giving assignments and monitoring their students' progress!

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How Teachers Get Free Access to DataCamp Classrooms

  1. Apply to DataCamp Classrooms using your valid school email address and a link to your faculty page on your school’s website. You must be actively employed by a degree-giving institution to qualify, and your faculty page should clearly list your name, job title, and school email address. We support college/university professors, lecturers, instructors worldwide, and secondary teachers in 10 countries. No credit card is required—ever. To expedite your application, the link to your faculty page should include your name, title, and school email address. To gain content access ASAP, set the Start Date to today, and your content access will begin as soon as your application is approved. If you already have a DataCamp account with your personal email address, we highly recommend changing your email login to your school email address before applying to DataCamp Classrooms to expedite the approval process.
  2. Check for an approval message in your email inbox within one-to-three business days (be sure to check your Spam folders). DataCamp Support may also send you additional questions about you, your class, and/or your school to determine eligibility. Please respond to these emails, or we may be unable to process your application. If you have not received a response, please file a Support ticket.
  3. Once you have your approval email, access your Classroom by logging into your DataCamp account and clicking Groups in the top navigation bar. Your DataCamp Classroom should be waiting there for you. Click it to enter the group dashboard.  You can start inviting students, making Teams, and assigning content.
  4. Repeat every six months or less to retain access. There’s no limit to the number of Classrooms you can have or how many semesters you can use DataCamp Classrooms! In fact, we encourage you to create separate Classrooms for each distinct course that you are teaching. For privacy reasons, do not mix students from one school with students from a different school within the same DataCamp Classroom.

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How Students Get Free Access to DataCamp Classrooms

  1. Turn 16 years old. That’s how old you must be to make a free account on DataCamp (or 13 if you live in the United States with written parental consent).
  2. Ask your teachers to apply to DataCamp Classrooms so they can give you access. Remind them that it’s completely free—no credit card is required. Science and math teachers are your best bet, but any teacher with an eligible school email address is eligible for the program. If you're in secondary school, you and your teacher must live in one of the countries listed here to gain free Classrooms access. We're continuously adding more territories to our database.
  3. Follow up with your teachers to see if they have submitted their applications and received responses from DataCamp. Once they have access to their Classroom on DataCamp, have them invite you in as a member by clicking Invite Members, inputting your email address, and hitting Send Invite.
  4. Find the invitation in your email inbox and click the link to join your teacher’s group (check your spam folder). If you haven’t made a DataCamp account yet, you’ll need to make one with the same email address your teacher sent the invitation. Congratulations! You now have access to all of DataCamp’s course content until the end date of your teacher’s Classroom (six months from their active date).
  5. Repeat every six months or until you’re out of school and working. You can have the same teacher reapply or spread the program to new teachers. There’s no limit to the number of teachers you can refer to DataCamp Classrooms, meaning you could have a considerable positive impact on hundreds, if not thousands, of students just like yourself.

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School administrators: talk to our Sales team

Non-teaching school employees like deans, principals, department heads, and other support staff such as registrars, financial aid, and bursars do not qualify for DataCamp Classrooms. Instead, we encourage these decision-makers to book a demo with our Sales team to discover the enhanced option DataCamp for Universities provides. This is the same Enterprise-level plan we offer our biggest clients but at a steep discount for educational institutions.

Instead of having all of your teachers run countless separate Classrooms, you can put them all together in one group with unlimited Teams, allowing for easy reporting on everyone’s progress all in one dashboard. Plus, you’ll get access to our most advanced features that make keeping your learners active a breeze, like single-sign-on, LMS integration, Custom Tracks, ta export, advanced reporting, and more.

See the image below for a full breakdown of what is included in DataCamp Classrooms vs. DataCamp Universities.

DataCamp Classrooms vs Universities

Self-motivated students with resources can also buy DataCamp at a discount

Are you a student but you can’t wait on your teachers to seal the deal? Check out our highly-affordable Student Premium Plan. For just $149 ( 50% off the normal price), you can get a year of everything DataCamp has to offer on your terms. All you need to secure this discounted price is a valid school email address.

To empower the next generation, education must evolve with technology. Apply to Classrooms today to unlock the unlimited potential of data and AI education.

Essential for academia

"Whether you’re teaching a pure data science class or something more multidisciplinary, DataCamp Classrooms is a tool every teacher and student should use.” — Mike Soltys, PhD. University of Chicago Boulder

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