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New: Scale Tailored Learning Paths with Our Updated Custom Tracks Editor

Explore new additions to custom tracks, including chapter-level additions, podcasts and cheat sheets in custom tracks, and an improved user interface.
Updated Mar 2023  · 2 min read

If you manage a data upskilling program for your people, you know how powerful it is to have personalized learning paths for learners within your organization. Everyone within your organization has a unique relationship with data, and tailoring their learning journeys is important to build engagement, reduce time to learning ROI, and maximize the impact of acquiring data skills

This is why we are thrilled to announce updates to our custom tracks editor. Custom tracks enable any team upskilling with DataCamp for Business to create tailored learning paths based on the extensive DataCamp curriculum and resource library. 

With the updated custom tracks, you’ll find powerful new features, including adding new content types to custom tracks, better user interfaces for content discoverability, improved customization abilities, and more.

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Easier discoverability, more content types, and an improved user interface 

Custom tracks have always been the key to success for many of our DataCamp for Business customers. Allianz, for example, administers 22 custom learning paths targeting 6,000+ learners globally, and this customization is at the heart of the success of their program.

We have set different learning objectives for data analytics skills, depending on the different target groups, and DataCamp helped us with this. DataCamp has been tremendous in helping craft and shape custom tracks, which were vetted by our internal experts.

Elizabeth ReinhartAI & Data Analytics Capability Building, Senior Manager, Allianz

Success story

Learn how Allianz upskilled 6,000+ individuals with DataCamp for Business

One of the main value drivers of custom tracks is that they allow administrators to tailor learning paths for their learners, ultimately reducing the time needed to go from learning to application. In the latest iteration of custom tracks, administrators can add specific chapters from any DataCamp course in their custom tracks, enabling them to create incredibly granular and tailored learning paths for their learners. 

Chapter-level additions in custom tracks

A common pain point for administrators creating custom tracks is that custom tracks only include courses, projects, and assessments—missing key items such as our free cheat sheets, blog posts, tutorials, and podcasts. As a result, they miss out on meeting learners where they are and don’t incorporate all the possible modalities needed to personalize their learning programs. With our updated custom tracks editor, all available content on the DataCamp blog can now be created in our custom tracks. 

Adding resources is easy, thanks to the updated user interface of the custom tracks editor. With a simple button press and an easy-to-navigate interface for discovering and finding content, anyone administering a learning program can now find the exact content fitting their unique needs.  The same interface also applies to all content modalities available in custom tracks.

image3.gifAdding a DataFramed episode to custom tracks

Finally, administrators now have a better ability to customize the description and title of their learning paths. This is a small step in helping our DataCamp for Business customers make custom tracks feel like a part of their organization’s DNA.  

image2.gifBetter customization in the custom tracks editor

To view how custom tracks can help your team learn better data skills, sign up for a personalized demo today.

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