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Year In Data 2023: Celebrating Your Data Journey

Year In Data 2023 is a new experience for DataCamp users that honors your dedication throughout a year of learning. Join us in celebrating and sharing your achievements with the world.
Nov 2023  · 3 min read

At DataCamp, we're driven by a mission: to empower data enthusiasts, learners, and professionals worldwide with the skills to thrive in a data and AI-driven future.

We've always believed that every moment you spend on our platform is a step closer to data and AI mastery. On December 1st, we are thrilled to unveil your "Year In Data", a celebration of your remarkable journey with DataCamp.


This Celebration is For You

Year In Data is a tribute to your dedication and the knowledge you have gained in 2023. It is about fuelling your motivation for 2024—inspiring you to keep learning and exploring new courses, technologies, and workspaces.

Most importantly, we want to help foster community by enabling you to share a year of learning highlights with your network. Year In Data is launching on Dec 1st, and you can access it through your DataCamp Portfolio.


A Glimpse of Your Year In Data

Wondering what awaits you in your Year In Data journey? Here's a sneak peek:

  • Personalized Insights: Immerse yourself in a visual representation of your data journey. Dive deep into your learning hours, the XP you've earned, and how your expertise is distributed across various data domains.
  • Achievements and Certifications: Discover the milestones of your learning journey, from your longest streak to the courses and tracks you have conquered.
  • Workspace and Community: Revel at what you’ve built DataCamp Workspace, the upvotes you have received, and the vibrant community you are an integral part of.

Who is Year In Data for?

Year In Data is available for free to all DataCamp users who completed a course in 2023. You still have until November 30 to explore and complete one of our 450+ data and AI courses to be included in the Year In Data celebration.

Sharing Is Caring

Your Year In Data is a remarkable story that has the power to inspire others. You have accomplished so much this year, we hope your Year In Data helps you spread the word and inspire others in your network.


2023 is the first year for Year In Data. This is our way of saying thank you for being part of the DataCamp community. Let’s celebrate together, share your achievements with us! Tag DataCamp on social media and use the #MyYearInData23.

My year in data 2023

We’ve compiled a list of data for your learning of the past year.

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Photo of Luigi D'Introno
Luigi D'Introno

Luigi is a Product Manager at DataCamp, working on DataCamp Portfolios and other learning experiences. He has previously worked in 3D printing, 3D modelling, and product design.


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