Cheat Sheets


Data Science for Business Leaders

September 30th, 2019Get an overview of data science, learn how to build your data science team, and understand the common steps in the data science workflow.

spaCy Cheat Sheet: Advanced NLP in Python

March 12th, 2019spaCy is a popular Natural Language Processing library with a concise API. This cheat sheet shows you how to load models, process text, and access linguistic annotations, all with a few handy objects and functions.

Importing Data: Python Cheat Sheet

January 11th, 2018A cheat sheet that covers several ways of getting data into Python: from flat files such as .txts and .csv to files native to other software, such as Excel, SAS, or Matlab, and relational databases such as SQLite & PostgreSQL.
r programming

Tidyverse Cheat Sheet For Beginners

November 30th, 2017This tidyverse cheat sheet for beginners will help you to find your way around the well-known packages dplyr and ggplot2!
data visualization

Python Data Visualization: Bokeh Cheat Sheet

September 27th, 2017This cheat sheet is a handy reference to interactive plotting with the Bokeh Python visualization library.