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Spreadsheets Cheat Sheets

Learn more about spreadsheets for data analysis, visualisation, and processing. Our spreadsheet cheat sheets include tips & tricks for various spreadsheets applications.
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Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Improve on your Excel skills with the handy shortcuts featured in this convenient cheat sheet!

Richie Cotton

November 14, 2023


Data Manipulation in Excel Cheat Sheet

Discover how to manipulate data in Excel using this convenient cheat sheet!
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

May 12, 2023


Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Learn the basics of Excel with our quick and easy cheat sheet. Have the basics of formulas, operators, math functions and more at your fingertips.
Richie Cotton's photo

Richie Cotton

January 20, 2023