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Building High Performing Data Teams

October 4, 2021

In this episode of DataFramed, we speak with Syafri Bahar, VP of Data Science at Gojek about building high-performing data teams, and how data science is central to Gojek’s success. 

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About Syafri Bahar

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Syafri is the Vice President (VP) of Data Science at Gojek. He obtained his master's degree in Applied Mathematics (Financial Engineering) from Twente University and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from Brawijaya University. He graduated from both universities with honors (cum-laude). He is a former VP of Data Science at FinAccel. Prior to that, he has spent 9+ years living and working in the Netherlands as a Quant (quantitative modeler) at various Financial Institutions ranging from banks, insurance, asset management, consultancy, etc.

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Meet our host
Adel Nehme

Adel is a Data Science educator, speaker, and Evangelist at DataCamp where he has released various courses and live training on data analysis, machine learning, and data engineering. He is passionate about spreading data skills and data literacy throughout organizations and the intersection of technology and society. He has an MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics. In his free time, you can find him hanging out with his cat Louis.

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