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Data Science and Ecology

August 20, 2018

The intersection of data science and ecology and the adoption of techniques such as machine learning in academic research. 

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About Christie Bahlai

Photo of Christie Bahlai
Christie Bahlai

Christie is a computational ecologist who uses approaches from data science to help solve problems in conservation, sustainability, and ecosystem management.  She combines a background in physics and organismal ecology with influences from the tech sector and conservation NGOs to ask questions and build tools addressing problems in population ecology. She likes insects, information theory, and practical answers to complex questions.  She has published a surprising number of scientific papers about ladybugs.

Photo of Hugo Bowne-Anderson
Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Hugo is a data scientist, educator, writer and podcaster at DataCamp. His main interests are promoting data & AI literacy, helping to spread data skills through organizations and society and doing amateur stand up comedy in NYC.

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