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DataFramed is a podcast for data & analytics leaders looking to scale data science throughout their organization by equipping them with the insights to drive value from data science and create a data-driven culture. Each episode will feature a conversation with data science and analytics leaders who are transforming their organizations and are at the forefront of the data revolution. Whether you’re just getting started in your data career, or you’re a data leader looking to scale data driven decisions in your organization, you’ve found the right community.
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EP. 93

How Data Science Drives Value for Finance Teams

Brian Richardi talks about his experience as a data science leader transitioning from Finance. He provides insights into utilizing collaboration, effective communication to drive value and the future of data science in Finance.

EP. 92

Democratizing Data in Large Enterprises

Meenal Iyer shares her thorough, effective, and clear strategy for democratizing data successfully and how that helps create a successful data culture in large enterprises

EP. 91

Building a Holistic Data Science Function at New York Life Insurance

In this episode, we talk about how Glenn Hofmann built New York Life Insurance’s 50-person data science and AI function, how they utilize skillsets to offer different career paths for data scientists, and much more.

June 13, 2022 • 38 minutes
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EP. 90

How Data Science is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Curren Katz, Senior Director for Data Science & Project Management at Johnson & Johnson, discusses how the healthcare industry presents a set of unique challenges for data science, including how to manage and work with sensitive patient information and accounting for the real-world impact of AI and machine learning on patient care and experience.

June 6, 2022 • 35 minutes
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EP. 52
Data Analysis

Data Science at the BBC

February 11, 2019

60 minutes

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EP. 51
EP. 49
EP. 48
EP. 42
EP. 41

Uncertainty in Data Science

September 24, 2018

59 minutes

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