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Women in Data Science

February 25, 2019

Reshama Shaikh discusses women in machine learning and data science, inclusivity and diversity more generally and how being intentional in what you do is essential.

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About Reshama Shaikh

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Reshama is a freelance data scientist/statistician with skills in Python, R and SAS. She earned her M.S. in statistics from Rutgers University.  She earned her M.B.A. from NYU Stern School of Business where she studied strategy, business analytics and technology management.  

She began her statistical career at Educational Testing Service.  She then worked for over 10 years as a biostatistician in the pharmaceutical industry at various companies including PPD, Merck, Thomas Jefferson University and Pfizer, covering Phase I through Phase 4 clinical trials. She also taught for 2 years at Temple University.

She is an organizer of the meetups group NYC Women in Machine Learning & Data Science (WiMLDS) and PyLadies.  She is a Board Member for WiMLDS and Big Apple Py.

Her interests include:  statistics, deep learning, python, open source, diversity & inclusion, education, technology, leadership and strategic change.

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Meet our host
Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Hugo is a data scientist, educator, writer and podcaster at DataCamp. His main interests are promoting data & AI literacy, helping to spread data skills through organizations and society and doing amateur stand up comedy in NYC.

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