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Ayaz Khalid


I am an enthusiastic finance professional with IT skills, adept in accounting and seeking a data analyst role. I excel in problem-solving and teamwork, aiming to enhance decision-making through data interpretation and trend forecasting.

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Data curator, carefully curating insights like precious artifacts.

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Zineb Iallamen

Master Student

Interested in Data Analyst, passionate about this field and new technologies in general. My role in a mission is to exploit and interpret data to derive useful business insights, support decision makers in their rapid decision-making by providing vit

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Cristian Pop

PhD Student

Analytical maestro, orchestrating symphonies of insights with precision.

Analytical luminary, illuminating the path to data-driven enlightenment.

Currently I am pursuing MBA (Business Analytics) course form University of Hyderabad and also looking internship for a role of business/data analyst.

Insights conductor, orchestrating a symphony of knowledge from data streams.

Data virtuoso, orchestrating symphonies of information.

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Kerem Can Altug

Graduate Student

Aspiring Data Analyst, Machine Learning and Stats Enthusiast Currently working for e-commerce consulting company as a Data Analyst

Financial mathematics student


Analytical daredevil, fearlessly diving into the abyss of data complexity.

Insights sculptor, shaping raw information into actionable intelligence.

Ingeniero Mecánico apasionado por el análisis de datos quebusca optimizar los procesos de la empresa a través delanálisis de datos y control de procesos utilizando softwarescomo Minitab, Notion y Excel, identificando áreas de mejoracontinua de acuerd

Cognitive explorer, unraveling the mysteries of human-like AI.

Passionate problem-solver, leveraging data to drive impactful solutions.

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Hang M To


Candidate for the Master of Science in Data Analytics (MS) at Drew University

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Pana Mihai

Master Student

Innovative thinker, shaping the future through data intelligence.

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Chirag B


Recently graduated Mechanical Engineer seeking entry-level opportunity in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Proficient in hands-on experience through professional certifications and personal projects.

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I'm a student who is extremely passionate in problem solving and machine learning. I'm a highly motivated individual with good communication and leadership skills. Interests: Machine learning, NLP, Deep learning Skills: Python, Java, C Tools: Table


I am a current Master of Public Health student with a keen interest in statistical analysis and epidemiology. My current research project looks at evaluating statistical methods for health safety and quality monitoring, particularly for small sites.

Engineering graduate with interests in Finance and Technology.

Student majoring in business administration. Interested in data analysis and data science. Have started learning data analysis and data science with Python from 2020.

Greetings, I'm a food technology professional, passionate about using data to understand processes and improve them. Currently studying to better use knowledge and tools for data analysis and assertive visualization in decision making.


Eliane Züger

PhD Candidate