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DataCamp Donates Digest Q3 2022

Q3 2022 was another record-breaking quarter for our CSR campaign! Let’s dive into the data and celebrate our partners’ successes.
Nov 2022  · 8 min read

Welcome to the DataCamp Donates Digest for Q3 2022, the best way to see the inspiring work of our partner organizations from July through September of this year. Before we begin, here’s a friendly reminder that DataCamp Donates Partner Applications are now open for Q1 2023. Apply on behalf of an NGO today to get your community free premium access to DataCamp!


That’s right—it’s been two years since we started partnering with nonprofit organizations to give 1-year DataCamp scholarships to disadvantaged aspiring data professionals worldwide. In that time, 50,000 individuals have received free, world-class data education through DataCamp Donates. What started as a response to the unemployment crisis brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed into a cutting-edge scholarship opportunity on which lower-income communities can rely.


We received the most applications to DataCamp Donates in one quarter, besting Q2’s figures by 29%. 44 partners joined our ranks in Q3, the most organizations in a single quarter. With their help, over 4,000 scholarships will be given to individuals in up to 35 countries. We are elated to welcome back nine returning partner organizations whose communities saw such great results with DataCamp the first time around, they decided to partner with us again to further democratize data science education.

AMEU Breakline The Curious Lounge
Greenwood Project PseudoLab The Rivers Trust
SOIL Haiti Traders & Analysts Club Women in Data

unnamed (2).png

#DCDonates Snapshots

Onto the success stories!  In case you missed them, here are some videos our team put together celebrating the life-changing successes some of our DataCamp Donates learners have earned, such as Amanda Wade, who got a Data Analyst job at Google:

In this next video, we thank our almost 14,000 learners in Africa who received scholarships through our partners at Ingressive For Good. You all embody the values of optimism, community, and hard work that make DataCamp Donates so special. Thank you!

We love it when DataCamp Donates partners and learners share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #DCDonates. We especially enjoyed this one from a young man from Malaysia who nailed his job interview and has DataCamp and Selangor Human Resource Centre to thank for it.

EhabBadwi_Testimonial_BlogImageblog (3).jpg

A massive shout-out to the six DataCamp Donates learners who were among the winners of DataCamp’s first-ever XP competition in August. They won a combined total of $4,000 USD, including the grand champion of the competition, Sani Usman. Those cash prizes will really go a long way in the lower-income countries in which they live. We were even more excited to see I4G learner Augustina Okonkwo follow up on her win by getting her Associate Data Scientist Certification on DataCamp. 

EhabBadwi_Testimonial_BlogImage (1).png

Did you know that over 20% of DataCamp users who achieve a Certification are free DataCamp Donates and Classrooms learners? We’re committed to providing only the best services to our DataCamp Donates learners to help them get ahead but hold them to the same rigorous standards all of our Certified users' experience.

Further Reading

Want a more thorough understanding of how DataCamp Donates transforms individuals and nonprofit organizations? Read these long-form pieces written by a diverse set of partners that break down the unique benefits joining DataCamp Donates can bring.

DataCamp Donates fights climate change: CDP’s journey from R to Python by Judy Howarth

The Head of Data Analytics of CDP, a global carbon-reporting nonprofit, explains how DataCamp Donates access was instrumental in migrating her team from R to Python and making the entire organization more data literate to foster better communication and decision-making.

Changing the Algorithm: DataCamp Donates and HELP Team Up to Create a Data-Driven Haiti

This piece describes the highly successful partnership we have with the Haitian Education & Leadership Program, a new kind of scholarship fund that is transforming young, intelligent lives in Haiti by battling generational poverty. It also includes an interview with DataCamp’s Social Impact Manager Nathaniel Taylor-Leach and pictures of our NYC office.

My Data Science Journey by Hephzibah U. Emereole

A DataCamp Donates learner in Nigeria talks about how our partnership with Developers in Vogue motivated her to challenge herself to learn as much about SQL as possible. The experience boosted her confidence so much that she became an Ambassador for DIV and started organizing in-person workshops on data analysis so even more women in the community could get a foothold into the space.

DataCamp Training Helps EnFocus Fellows Drive Decisions with

This nonprofit social enterprise places Fellows on local business projects that serve their communities, and DataCamp Donates is helping these young professionals analyze the efficacy of their execution through the power of data.


Congratulations! You made it to the end of the article. Thanks so much for taking an interest in DataCamp's social impact work. Feeling inspired? If you work or volunteer for a nonprofit organization, you owe it to yourself and your community to apply to DataCamp Donates to join our Q1 2023 cohort. Ring in the new year right by partnering with us to bring the best education platform for data literacy to your community for free for an entire year. DataCamp is perfect for lower-income communities because no purchase or installation of any additional software is required! Not only that, we allow our curriculum materials to be downloaded for offline access if Internet is scarce in your part of the world.

DataCamp Donates accounts come with a group dashboard just like our Teams and Enterprise plans, allowing nonprofit admins to invite learners on their own, give assignments, and review their learners' progress. Almost every piece of content and our newest features are included in a DataCamp Donates package so your organization can gain a proper leg up, like:

  • Over 380 courses, plus Skill Assessments, Practice, and Projects.
  • DataCamp for Mobile, for learning and practicing on the go.
  • DataCamp Workspace, a collaborative cloud-based notebook that allows you to analyze data, collaborate with your team, and share insights. It's perfect for building custom lessons and job portfolios.
  • DataCamp Certifications, the industry gold standard for Data Scientists and Analysts.
  • DataCamp Jobs, a portal that major companies use to source new talent from DataCamp users.

DataCamp Donates applications for Q1 2023 are open through February 14, 2023. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions about submitting the form.

We'll see you again soon for more updates on DataCamp's Social Impact work as we enter 2022's season of giving.


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