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DataCamp Jobs and Recruit: Simplifying finding the best jobs and candidates in data.

Discover how DataCamp is helping candidates land their dream jobs and letting recruiters find the best data talent in one place.
Updated May 2022  · 5 min read

Recruitment Online

We’re excited to announce the official launch of DataCamp Jobs and DataCamp Recruit, the simplest ways to find the best jobs or candidates in data.

The current problem: The recruiter’s perspective: From a lack of qualified data talent to complex technical assessments, the hiring hurdles for data roles are endless. Not only are candidates hard to find, but experts estimate that the cost of recruiting for data roles is six times that of non-technical roles. Ever interviewed a candidate only to find out they’re not actually a “Python expert”? Well, you’re not alone… 

The job seeker’s standpoint: Traditional job boards aren’t built for data roles. From not being able to showcase their skills effectively to endlessly scrolling through non-relevant roles, candidates struggle to find jobs that match their preferences and skillsets. 

At DataCamp we’ve fixed all that, by connecting the best data talent with top employers looking to recruit for data roles. 

DataCamp Jobs 

Data professionals can now showcase their technical abilities and connect with top employers in the U.S., the U.K., the E.U., and Canada (with more coming soon). You’ll find exciting jobs from top employers like EA, Disney, Twitter, and more on DataCamp Jobs. 

Landing a dream data role is as simple as creating a profile, detailing your skillset, and applying to jobs that are personalized to your preferences. There's no endless scrolling through multiple sites trying to find relevant roles, and no long hours spent poring over cover letters.

You can clearly display your technical prowess by including links to your data science portfolio, showing employers that you’re job-ready with a DataCamp certification badge. The DataCamp courses, projects, and skill and career tracks you’ve completed are also visible on your profile.

DataCamp Jobs Profile

DataCamp Jobs is included at no extra charge with all subscriptions, including free accounts.

DataCamp Recruit

Hiring for data roles can be tricky. There are the combined challenges of finding people with the right mix of skills and then validating those technical skills—not to mention the shortage of data professionals. 

DataCamp Recruit gives you access to top data talent, with clear insights into their skills and backgrounds.

  • Describe your job and list the tech stack required 
  • Job seekers with the abilities you’re looking for are notified when your job is live 
  • Filter candidates according to their technical skillset and abilities
  • Request a chat with qualified candidates
  • Interview and hire candidates directly

Look out for DataCamp-certified candidates. Our certification badge lets you know that our expert assessment team has verified both their technical abilities and soft skills. 

You’ll find both junior and senior data professionals seeking roles on DataCamp recruit. There are also candidates looking for freelance and short-term projects. 

And with no limit on the number of candidates you can contact, the hiring process is quick and efficient.

DataCamp Jobs Skills Summary Screenshot

The Path to DataCamp Jobs and Recruit

DataCamp Jobs and Recruit are the next logical steps on our path to maximizing the potential of DataCamp learners, and ensuring that DataCampers get maximum value.


We started as an online learning provider and over the years, we’ve gradually built the internet’s most comprehensive platform for data-science education. 

Today, DataCamp offers more than 350 engaging courses, 20,000+ exercises, advanced skill and career tracks, and a library’s worth of dedicated resources that support our learners. 

Individuals use DataCamp to learn the technical skills they need for a demanding career in data, and organizations rely on us to upskill their employees and ensure they have the data literacy needed in today’s data-driven business landscape.

Hire and get hired

DataCamp Jobs and DataCamp Recruit are the final part of the complete learner journey, making it simple for qualified DataCamp learners to cut through the noise and find data roles that match their proficiencies. 

Employers, meanwhile, can easily source suitable talent and start building the kind of data teams businesses need to compete. 

Here’s How to Get Involved

Join the future of data science recruitment or land your perfect data role. 

Join DataCamp Radar:  A Free Seminar for Data Jobs Seekers and Recruiters

On June 23 from 9am ET - 3:15pm ET, DataCamp will be offering a free day of live talks and workshops designed to help both data job seekers and recruiters navigate the evolving landscape of data careers. You can read more about the event here and reserve your place in this free seminar here.  

DataCamp Radar Event Logo

Find your dream data job

If you’re a job seeker, create your DataCamp profile and get access to jobs personalized to you today. Remember, getting certified shows employers that your skills are verified by our experts.

Find qualified and suitable data talent

If you’re a recruiter looking for data talent, you can get started for free. Take advantage of our advanced filtering tools and find data pros quickly and easily. Plus there’s a money-back guarantee if no hires are made in the first 12 months. 

Both DataCamp Jobs and DataCamp Recruit are now live in the U.S, the U.K., the E.U., and Canada, with other regions following soon. Keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Facebook to stay in the loop!


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