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Announcing Skill Verification, a New Way to Prove Your Data Skills!

DataCamp Verified Skill Badges allow you to showcase your mastery over specific data skills. Each skill verification includes a personalized learning plan, allowing you to focus on what you need to know to prove your skills!
Aug 2023  · 2 min read

A new type of credential

Two years ago we launched our first professional data certification. We now offer five certifications for data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists to demonstrate their job-readiness. These certifications prove proficiency in the core competencies that are expected at both the associate and professional levels for these roles.

What if, though, you want to show what you know at a more granular level?

Well, today we are excited to announce a new type of credential, verified skill badges! A DataCamp Verified skill badge allows you to show you’ve mastered specific data skills like Data Literacy or AI Fundamentals, with many more to come.

To verify your skills and obtain a badge, simply complete the 30-question exam. Upon passing, you’ll receive a DataCamp Verified skill badge.

Prepare for the skill verification exam

You can prepare for a skill verification exam via a personalized learning plan—powered by precision learning.

Access both the learning plan and the skill verification exam on the Certification tab. Your personalized learning plan will allow you to focus on the specific lessons you need in order to pass the exam. Simply complete the suggested assessments and allow us to build a plan focused on your unique needs!

There’s more to come!

We’ll be offering more and more opportunities to verify your data skills, and you’ll be able to collect badges as you gain skills toward your ultimate learning goal. While verified skill badges don’t replace certification, they do allow you to build confidence as you acquire increasingly advanced skills in data. Our verified skill badges don’t expire, and you can share them on your DataCamp profile, LinkedIn, and other social accounts.

Get started on verifying your skills, today!


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