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Evaluating LLM Responses

In this session, we cover the different evaluations that are useful for reducing hallucination and improving retrieval quality of LLMs.
Nov 2023
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LLMs should be considered hallucinatory until proven otherwise! A lot of us have turned to augmenting LLMs with a knowledge store (such as Zilliz) to solve this problem. But this RAG setup can still face issues with hallucination. In particular - this can be caused from retrieving irrelevant context, not enough context, and more.

TruLens is built to solve this problem. TruLens sits as the evaluation layer for the LLM stack, allowing you to shorten the feedback loop and iterate on your LLM app faster. We'll also talk about the different metrics you can use for evaluation and why you should consider LLM-based evals when building your app.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about common failure modes for LLM apps
  • Learn the different evaluations that are useful for reducing hallucination, improving retrieval quality & more.
  • Learn about how to evaluate LLM apps with TruLens

Additional Resources

TruLens Documentation

TruLens GitHub

Find the prompts used for LLM-based feedback functions in TruLens' open-source github repository here.

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