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Data Science & AI Code Alongs

From data visualization to AI, code along with experts as they solve real-world problems. Work your way through an entire project with the help of a screencast, so you never get stuck.
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Become an AI Developer

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Building AI Systems with OpenAI & LangChain

Master the OpenAI API & LangChain packages and build AI proof of concepts along the way.

Richie Cotton
Introduction to Large Language Models with GPT & LangChain

Richie Cotton

Olivier Mertens
Prompt Engineering with GPT & LangChain

Olivier Mertens

Korey Stegared-Pace
Building Multimodal AI Applications with LangChain & the OpenAI API

Korey Stegared-Pace

Developing AI Applications with GPT and Pinecone

Combine the power of Pinecone vector databases and the OpenAI API and build chatbots with long term memory.

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Using Feature Stores for Managing Feature Engineering in Python

Learn how to manage the features for your machine learning models, to save you time and improve the consistency of your models.
Colin Priest's photo

Colin Priest

August 10, 2023

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Using ChatGPT Code Interpreter for Data Science

In this live training, we use ChatGPT Code Interpreter to perform a data analysis workflow on an Airbnb dataset.
Adel Nehme's photo

Adel Nehme

July 24, 2023

Data Analysis

Data Modeling in SQL

In this live training, you'll learn about data cleaning, shaping and loading techniques and learn about common database schemas for organizing tables for analysis.
Andy Alseth's photo

Andy Alseth

July 12, 2023

Data Analysis

Automate Business Metric Reporting with DataCamp Workspace

In this live training aimed at aspiring and active data analysts, we’ll showcase this workflow by reporting on bicycle sales and inventory data stored in Microsoft SQL Server data.
Filip Schouwenaars's photo

Filip Schouwenaars

June 29, 2023

Data Science

Building AI Applications with LangChain and GPT

In the live training, you'll use LangChain to build a simple AI application, including preparing and indexing data, prompting the AI, and generating responses.
Emmanuel Pire's photo

Emmanuel Pire

June 15, 2023


Sloth or Pastry? Using PyTorch and Deep Learning for Image Classification

In this session, using DataCamp Workspace we'll learn all about loading custom datasets into PyTorch and using transfer learning to perform an image processing task using a mostly-pretrained model, which we'll fine-tune.
Maham Khan's photo

Maham Khan

June 1, 2023