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In one week, the ten-week Coursera course on Data Analysis and Statistical Inference by prof. Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel of Duke University comes to an end. At DataCamp it was one of our first experiences providing interactive R exercises on a large scale, and we're proud to say this journey is coming to a successful end. (We'll write a more detailed post on this in the near future.)For those of you who weren't able to follow the course in the Coursera format, but still want to do the interactive exercises on DataCamp, there is now a great alternative: OpenIntro statistics. OpenIntro statistics is part of the OpenIntro project, and covers a wide range of educational materials on statistics such as videos, textbooks, and, as of now, interactive exercises by DataCamp. If you're a student looking for a great introductory statistics course, or a teacher in need of a full-fledged teaching material package, the OpenIntro project is the place to go! (The OpenIntro project is an organisation focused on developing free and affordable education materials. OpenIntro statistics is their first project)
All DataCamp R tutorials can be found under the labs section of the OpenIntro website. Just like for the Coursera course, these interactive exercises serve best as complements to the statistical concepts covered in the free OpenIntro statistics textbook and corresponding videos. If you're a teacher using OpenIntro in your class, and you want to use the DataCamp tutorials as well, you can always contact us at teach@datacamp.com if you need more detailed information.
We're happy to have been offered the opportunity to add our interactive R tutorials and courses to the high-quality OpenIntro curriculum.  To us, it is again another step to increase the understanding and adoption of R in the data science and statistics world.We hope you will enjoy it!The DataCamp TeamNote: if you prefer to take the course via Coursera, a new session of the course has been announced and will launch September 1st 2014. 

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