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How Deepthi from Allianz Benchmarked Her Data Analytics Skills by Getting Certified with DataCamp

Learn how Deepthi, a Business Analyst at Allianz, benchmarked her Data Analytics skills with DataCamp Certifications.
ago 2023  · 4 min leer

As a business analyst with over 13 years of experience in the industry, Deepthi understood the importance of continually honing her skills to meet the ever-evolving demands of her role. Seeking to validate her expertise in Data and Business Analytics, she decided to become a certified Data Analyst with DataCamp.

In this blog post, we'll delve into Deepthi's inspiring journey from Developer and Technology Lead to Business Analyst at Allianz. Uncover her preparation for taking the certification, alongside how benchmarking her skills with DataCamp empowered her to excel in her career.

Journey into Business Analytics

Deepthi's career journey began as a developer in mainframes, later venturing into other technologies like SAP data services and business warehouses. Her exposure to reporting and data visualization during her Infosys tenure sparked her interest in roles that allowed her to work closely with data, leading her toward becoming a Business Analyst.

I have developed proficiency in SQL coding and data analysis, enabling me to gather valuable insights and present them in a visually appealing format to facilitate end-user decision-making.

Deepthi RamaniBusiness Analyst at Allianz Australia

Today, she leverages MicroStrategy as a BI tool and extensive SQL knowledge to gather insights from data and present it visually appealing, aiding business decision-making at Allianz Australia.

Getting Certified with DataCamp

Allianz nurtures a vibrant data culture. In partnership with DataCamp, they organized an "Open Days 2022" event, introducing Allianz employees to the DataCamp Certification programs available until May 2023.

It's been many years since I last completed a certification. The Data Analyst Associate certification mainly revolves around SQL and visualization, so I took it as a challenge to see if my skills are aligned with the industry expectations.

Deepthi RamaniBusiness Analyst at Allianz Australia

DataCamp Data Analyst certification is an industry-recognized qualification, making it an attractive opportunity for Deepthi to benchmark her skills.

To prepare for the certification, Deepthi enrolled in the Data Analyst Associate Learning Plan. She took all the offered skill assessments: Data Management in SQL, Exploratory Analysis Theory, Exploratory Analysis in SQL, and Statistical Experimentation Theory.

I found Skill Assessments incredibly useful in preparing for the certification exam. They provided a clear picture of what type of questions to expect and helped me gauge my level of understanding.

Deepthi RamaniBusiness Analyst at Allianz Australia

Assessments marked Deepthi’s proficiency with SQL but highlighted some missing data visualization and statistics skills. She decided to brush up on these topics and completed a personalized learning plan comprising such courses as Introduction to Statistics and Understanding Data Visualizations.

Success story

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I haven't come across any other course that has this kind of format. So it was interesting.

Deepthi RamaniBusiness Analyst at Allianz Australia

Deepthi found DataCamp's course format highly engaging. Short videos, followed by hands-on exercises, allowed her to practice her skills in real-time. To prepare for Certification, she allocated two-four hours every week for two months, which she could easily fit alongside the work.

DataCamp courses were particular and on point. They didn't have hours of reading—it was more like three-four minute videos on every topic followed by interactive exercises where I could do the coding and apply the learnings right in the browser.

Deepthi RamaniBusiness Analyst at Allianz Australia

Although well-versed in SQL, Deepthi decided to challenge herself further and complete additional courses on SQL, such as Intermediate SQL, Joining Data in SQL, and Data Manipulation in SQL. This helped sharpen her knowledge by exposing her to lesser-known SQL functions that she could later integrate into her daily work.

Even though we write SQL queries daily, we don't remember and use many of its capabilities. Learning advanced SQL functions with DataCamp will help me solve challenges faster in the upcoming projects.

Deepthi RamaniBusiness Analyst at Allianz Australia

Certification Experience

After completing six DataCamp courses and re-taking the preparation assessments, Deepthi felt ready for the exams and enrolled for the Data Analyst Associate certification.

Although a bit nervous, she was equally excited about the challenge. The practical case study allowed her to showcase her data manipulation and visualization skills, putting her DataCamp learning into practice.

I especially enjoyed the practical exam because it allowed me to showcase my data manipulation and visualization skills. I did apply the learnings from DataCamp courses and felt rewarded by successfully passing the exams.

Deepthi RamaniBusiness Analyst at Allianz Australia

We're delighted to share that Deepthi not only passed her theory and practice exams, but her learning journey is also only just beginning.

While focusing primarily on SQL, data visualization concepts, and statistics, she also learned certain pieces of Python and is inspired to continue learning a new programming language to enhance her data visualization techniques.


From a seasoned Developer to a skilled Business Analyst at Allianz, Deepthi's 13-year career exemplifies the power of continuous learning.

By pursuing a Data Analyst certification with DataCamp, she could benchmark her data analytics expertise with SQL and enrich her data visualization and statistics skills. Deepthi's dedication paid off as she aced the exams, boosting her confidence and paving the way for future skill improvement.

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