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Power BI simplifies data visualization and reporting, making it easier for businesses to analyze and understand their data for better decision-making.
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Recommended for Power BI beginners

Build your Power BI and report-building skills with interactive courses, tracks and projects, curated by real-world experts.


Power BI Fundamentals

17 hr
Gain the essential skills you need to use Power BI. Create your own visualizations and dashboards from scratch. No prior experience required.


Introduction to Power BI

3 hr
Master the Power BI basics and learn to use the data visualization software to build impactful reports.

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Introduction to Power BI

BeginnerSkill Level
3 hr
Master the Power BI basics and learn to use the data visualization software to build impactful reports.


Introduction to DAX in Power BI

BeginnerSkill Level
2 hr
Enhance your Power BI knowledge, by learning the fundamentals of Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) such as calculated columns, tables, and measures.


Data Visualization in Power BI

BeginnerSkill Level
3 hr
Power BI is a powerful data visualization tool that can be used in reports and dashboards.


Data Preparation in Power BI

BeginnerSkill Level
3 hr
In this interactive Power BI course, you’ll learn how to use Power Query Editor to transform and shape your data to be ready for analysis.


Data Transformation in Power BI

IntermediateSkill Level
3 hr
You’ll learn how to (un)pivot, transpose, append and join tables. Gain power with custom columns, M language, and the Advanced Editor.


DAX Functions in Power BI

IntermediateSkill Level
3 hr
Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) allow you to take your Power BI skills to the next level by writing custom functions.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Power BI and what is it used for?

Power BI, a dynamic business analytics tool by Microsoft, empowers you to visualize data and share insights in engaging ways. You can connect to various data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. With Power BI, you can create interactive, visually appealing dashboards and reports, transforming raw data into meaningful insights for informed decision-making. It's an invaluable tool for you to bring your data to life, aiding in effective business strategies and understanding complex data easily.

Learn more in our guide: What is Power BI?

Is Power BI or Tableau better?

The choice between Power BI and Tableau depends on your specific needs and preferences. Power BI is often praised for its integration with other Microsoft products and its ease of use for beginners, while Tableau is celebrated for its advanced data visualization capabilities and flexibility. Both tools are powerful for business intelligence, so the best choice can vary based on your familiarity with other software, the complexity of the data you're handling, and the level of detail you need in your visualizations.

How can learning Power BI benefit my career?

Gaining expertise in Power BI can transform your career prospects, particularly in data-driven fields like business analysis, marketing, and operations. It provides you with skills in a leading business intelligence tool— invaluable for data visualization and analysis. Additionally, for employers who already utilize Power BI, having this knowledge gives you a considerable advantage in the job market.

What are the best Power BI courses for beginners?

For beginners looking to get an overview of Power BI, Introduction to Power BI is an excellent starting point. For a comprehensive understanding of all the basics, the Power BI Fundamentals Track is recommended to build a strong foundation.

Is Power BI easy to learn?

Power BI is generally considered easy to learn, especially for those with some background in data or Microsoft tools. It offers a user-friendly interface and integrates well with other Microsoft products, making it accessible for beginners who are starting their journey in data analysis and visualization.

Do I need to know how to code to use Power BI?

No. One of Power BI’s big selling points is that it can create powerful reports and visualizations without a single line of code.

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