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Data Science Tool Building

November 19, 2018

Wes McKinney talks about data science tool building, what it took to get pandas off the ground and how he approaches building “human interfaces to data” to make individuals more productive.

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About Wes McKinney

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Since 2007, Wes has been developing data analysis software, mostly for use in the Python programming language. His primary objective has been improving user productivity, increasing performance and efficiency, and enhancing data interoperability. He is best known for creating the pandas project and writing the book Python for Data Analysis. Since 2015, he has been focused on the Apache Arrow project. He also contributed to Apache Kudu (incubating) and Apache Parquet (where I am a PMC member). He was the co-founder and CEO of DataPad. He later spent a couple years leading efforts to bring Python and Hadoop together at Cloudera. In 2018,  Wes founded Ursa Labs, a not-for-profit open source development group in partnership with RStudio. In 2018, he became a Member of The Apache Software Foundation.

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Meet our host
Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Hugo is a data scientist, educator, writer and podcaster at DataCamp. His main interests are promoting data & AI literacy, helping to spread data skills through organizations and society and doing amateur stand up comedy in NYC.

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