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Successful Digital Transformation Puts People First

April 4, 2022

Bhavin Patel, Director of Analytics and Innovation at Johnson & Johnson, discusses how to drive success with digital and data transformation and more.

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Key Quotes

Digital transformation is not an end state.

When organizations leverage data at scale, they are able to provide value to customers in ways they didn't think before. Think about Domino's pizza — you know, they don't just sell pizza, they're also selling you that service of information of knowing where they tell you "hey, here's the real time tracking of your pizza" because they know their customers wants the visibility, that information of what is being made, what is being delivered, when will they have it. Using data ultimately creates an empowered end-consumer. One that grew up in the age where they have the ability to have a device like a smartphone, that allows them to get access to all the information they need, wherever they are.

Digital transformation is not an end state. I think people think digital transformation is, “hey, once I get here and create this new digital experience, I have achieved the state,” it doesn’t work the way you think. It's also continuously creating a culture where people use digital tools and technologies and adapt to new skills continuously.

About Bhavin Patel

Photo of Bhavin Patel
Bhavin Patel

Bhavin Patel (he/him) is the Director of Analytics & Innovation at J&J, where he manages an organization poised to drive digital transformation in Supply Chain to be a competitive advantage. He’s curious to unlock data science, intelligent automation, and process & task mining to advance the way we work. Through J&J, Bhavin has acquired experiences in CPG, Med Devices, & Pharmaceutical industries. 

Photo of Adel Nehme
Adel Nehme

Adel is a Data Science educator, speaker, and Evangelist at DataCamp where he has released various courses and live training on data analysis, machine learning, and data engineering. He is passionate about spreading data skills and data literacy throughout organizations and the intersection of technology and society. He has an MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics. In his free time, you can find him hanging out with his cat Louis.

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