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saad bin zubaeir

Data Analyst

I love all things data analysis, data science and machine learning. Being always passionate about numbers and analytics which led me to pursue degree in Mathematics and now the Data analysis bootcamp with Masterschool; where I successfully learned an


I am passionate about Data Analysis because I get to solve problems and answer questions using lines of code or visualization. I get to understand concepts, brainstorm and give insights.

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Ugochinyere Ejiogu

Public Health Associate

Data wizard, conjuring insights from the depths of complex datasets.

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Sheikh Vazid Ahmed

Data Engineer

Passionate data engineering having 4+ year of experience in Data, DevOps, Cloud Technologies Currently working with Accenture as Data Engineer Analyst


Data adventurer, fearlessly exploring the depths of complex datasets.


I am an enthusiastic finance professional with IT skills, adept in accounting and seeking a data analyst role. I excel in problem-solving and teamwork, aiming to enhance decision-making through data interpretation and trend forecasting.

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Kubilay Güzel

Production Planning Engineer

Data-driven magician, making the impossible possible.

BW analyst, computer tech and BASIS admin before that

Data curator, carefully curating insights like precious artifacts.

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Zineb Iallamen

Master Student

Interested in Data Analyst, passionate about this field and new technologies in general. My role in a mission is to exploit and interpret data to derive useful business insights, support decision makers in their rapid decision-making by providing vit

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Yosafat .

Data Analyst

I am a Computer Science student with major skills in web scraping, data analysis, and data visualization. Currently working as Data Analyst at the Data Center of Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Active in organization as Curriculum Core Team at Goog

Mindful analyst, decoding patterns to unravel the big picture.

I'm looking for new career opportunities, currently a graduate student at MU studying data science & analytics.


A data science enthusiast with specialization in analytics and machine learning having experience in participating in challenges on Zindi platform. Anticipating in applying my data skill in solving real world problem and ready for intern.

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Hassan Lefta


Looking for internship I have a computer skills such as programming in C ++,Javascript, SQL. in addition to knowing how to organize technological projects in a team and how to use data management and information system tools with Oracle database.

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Aminat Owodunni

Data Science Intern

A certified data scientist with a master degree in Public health and over 3 years of experience in data management and analysis, using Python for machine learning, predictive analysis and exploration. Skills: SQL, Python, Power BI, Spreadsheets.

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Cristian Pop

PhD Student

Analytical maestro, orchestrating symphonies of insights with precision.

Analytical luminary, illuminating the path to data-driven enlightenment.

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Rammah Dalloul


Innovative thinker, shaping the future through data intelligence.

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Salma AZIZ

Data Science Instructor & Mentor

Skilled Data Scientist with expertise in machine learning, and statistical modeling, seeking opportunities to apply skills in industry or academia for impactful projects. Excellent communicator, adaptable, and effective in teams or independently

Currently I am pursuing MBA (Business Analytics) course form University of Hyderabad and also looking internship for a role of business/data analyst.

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Greg Jarrett

Head of Design

I'm designing cool products for fun!

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Daffa Fauzan Azhari


Looking for Data Scientist Job

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Gleb Yegorov

Data Collection & QA

Looking for a remote job in one of my fields. I have Bachelor?s Degree in Computer Science and currently getting Master?s at Software Engineering. Good team player, willing to learn and able to do long tasks with proper attention.