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Workspace templates

Work with ready-to-use datasets and pre-written code

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With Workspace templates, you can easily create shareable analyses—all without having to set up a data tool, search for a dataset, or even write your own code!

Line Chart

Get insights through easy-to-read visualizations


Go from learning to doing data science


Use pre-written code


Save time with pre-configured data

Three types of templates to help you with your analysis



Take the next step in your data science learning journey and analyze ready-to-use datasets. We’ve pre-configured all the steps you need to go from learning to doing data analysis. With datasets that range from Netflix movies to weather insights, there’s always something interesting to explore.

E-Commerce Data


Analyze order data from an online gift retailer active in multiple countries.

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Our coding recipes make it even easier to run an analysis. Simply open up the recipe in your own workspace to create captivating visualizations. From creating heatmaps to visualizing interdependencies with a correlation plot—we’ve got your data visualization needs covered.



Playbooks provide end-to-end code so you can focus on problem solving and deriving insights from your data. Simply open up one of our playbooks and plug in your own data. Playbooks cover a wide range of topics helping you get to insights faster, all without having to write a single line of code.

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