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Analyzing Students’ Mental Health in SQL


In this live code-along, you'll perform exploratory data analysis on a dataset around mental health of domestic and international students. You'll perform SQL querying to look at how social connectedness and cultural issues affect mental health. Finally, you'll visualize the results of your analysis using the Python Plotly package.

Key takeaways

  • Perform exploratory data analysis to understand a new dataset

  • Write SQL queries to quantify a dataset

  • Visualize the results of a SQL analysis with interactive Python plots

Notebook access

  • When in Workspace, go to integrations on the left-side bar, then:

  • Click “Create integration,” select PostgreSQL, and enter:

  • Integration name: Live Training Student MH

  • Port: 5432

  • Hostname:

  • Database: students

  • Username: students_codealong

  • Password: students_codealong


  • Open your DataCamp Workspace account here

  • Solution notebook here

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Jasmin Ludolf

Data Science Content Developer @ DataCamp

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