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Data Analysis Tutorials

Get insights on the latest tools & methods that you can use to analyze your data more effectively. Our data analysis tutorials will help you develop your skills.
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R Programming

Contingency Analysis using R

In this tutorial, you'll learn with the help of an example how "Contingency Analysis" or "Chi-square test of independence" works and also how efficiently we can perform it using R.

Vedabrata Basu

October 5, 2018

R Programming

Factor Levels in R

This tutorial takes course material from DataCamp's free Intro to R course and allows you to practice Factors.
Ryan Sheehy's photo

Ryan Sheehy

September 27, 2018

R Programming

Creating a List in R

Practice Lists in R by using course material from DataCamp's Intro to R course.
Ryan Sheehy's photo

Ryan Sheehy

September 27, 2018


Joining DataFrames in pandas Tutorial

In this tutorial, you’ll learn various ways in which multiple DataFrames could be merged in python using Pandas library.
DataCamp Team's photo

DataCamp Team

Abid Ali Awan's photo

Abid Ali Awan

December 5, 2022


Analyzing Complexity of Code through Python

Get introduced to Asymptotic Analysis. Learn more about the complexity of the algorithm as well as asymptotic notation, such as Big O, Big θ, and Big Ω notation. Along with the examples of complexity in a different algorithm.

Saneep Khatri

August 21, 2018

R Programming

Principal Component Analysis in R Tutorial

In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use R PCA (Principal Component Analysis) to extract data with many variables and create visualizations to display that data.
Zoumana Keita 's photo

Zoumana Keita

February 13, 2023


DBSCAN: A Macroscopic Investigation in Python

Cluster analysis is an important problem in data analysis. Data scientists use clustering to identify malfunctioning servers, group genes with similar expression patterns, or various other applications.
Sayak Paul's photo

Sayak Paul

August 3, 2018

R Programming

Linear Regression in R Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics behind a very popular statistical model; the linear regression.

Eladio Montero Porras

December 5, 2022


Random Forest Classification with Scikit-Learn

This article covers how and when to use Random Forest classification with scikit-learn. Focusing on concepts, workflow, and examples. We also cover how to use the confusion matrix and feature importances.
Adam Shafi's photo

Adam Shafi

February 24, 2023