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Coursera Courses on R: Complete List Ranked by “Popularity”

A list of all Coursera courses on R. These courses use R as their first choice, or as one of the statistical software packages for homework.
Dec 2013  · 4 min read

Coursera – an online education startup – has rapidly expanded its curriculum of statistics and data analysis courses. Today, there are already 33 modules that are directly linked to the field, excluding the courses where statistics and data science are solely used as a supportive tool (e.g. finance). These courses make use of multiple statistical software packages like Python, MATLAB and of course R. This post lists all Coursera courses on R.

I decided to make a list of all Coursera courses on R. These courses use R as either their first choice, or as one of the many statistical software packages that are allowed to be used by students to perform the homework's assignment. Coursera does not publish all data on how many students enroll in their courses, but most (some?) courses reach well over a hundred thousand students each year.

To have some kind of indication of their popularity, I list below all Coursera courses on R ranked by the number of facebook likes:

    Ranking Courese title Professor University Facebook likes Tweets
Social Network Analysis
Lada Adamic University of Michigan 12000 3543
Statistics one
Andrew Conway Princeton University 9600 1421
Computing for Data Analysis
Roger Peng John Hopkins University 8500 1934
Data Analysis
Jeff Leek John Hopkins University 5200 1408
Introduction to Data Science
Bill Howe University of Washington 2600 1103
Introduction to Computational Finance and Financial Econometrics
Eric Zivot University of Washington 2100 351
Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 1
Brian Caffo John Hopkins University 1400 239
Statistics: Making Sense of Data
Alison Gibs & Jeffey Rosenthal University of Toronto 1400 243
Asset Pricing
John H. Cochrane University of Chicago Booth 855 102
Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance
Kjell Konis University of Washington 635 92
Case-Based Introduction to Biostatistics
Scott L. Zeger John Hopkins University 424 110
Financial Engineering 2
Martin Haugh & Garud Iyengar Coumbia University 109 13
Data Analysis and statistical inference
Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel Duke University 80 18
Core Concepts in Data Analysis
Boris Mirkin Higher School of Economics 77 15
Mathematical Biostatistics Boot Camp 2
Brian Caffo John Hopkins University 60 21

Given the unwillingness of Coursera's search function, I had to manually draft the list above. Therefore, it is possible that I overlooked some of the courses. Feel free to mention them in the comment section, and I will make sure to update the list. In case you are interested in taking (or teaching) interactive data analysis courses, make sure to have a look at our own educational startup DataMind.

While I expect that most of you are familiar with Coursera, for those who don't, this is a quick summary: Coursera is one of the leading providers of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Today they have more than 100+ institutional partners offering 500+ courses to over 5 million students worldwide. So despite being criticized by some, it is becoming more and more clear that they are here to stay.

Introduction to R

4 hours
Master the basics of data analysis in R, including vectors, lists, and data frames, and practice R with real data sets.
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Intermediate R

6 hours
Continue your journey to becoming an R ninja by learning about conditional statements, loops, and vector functions.

Data Visualization in R

4 hours
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to working with base graphics in R.
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