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How Aday Pivoted His Career Into Data and Landed a Job at Specsavers

Learn how Aday transitioned from being a motivated data enthusiast to a proficient data analyst, securing a job at one of the UK’s top retailers.
Mar 2024

Embarking on a journey to pivot his career toward data analysis, Aday discovered his passion for data three years ago.

Determined to achieve his goal of becoming a data analyst, Aday explored various learning platforms before finding his stride with DataCamp. In this blog post, we’ll explore Aday's transition from self-taught beginnings to a proficient data analyst, highlighting DataCamp's practical approach to learning data skills such as SQL.

Starting The Learning Journey

In the initial stages of his self-directed learning journey, Aday encountered significant challenges.

When I did other courses, they didn't give me the opportunity to apply my skills. It was just a lesson after a lesson. When it came to the exercises, I forgot about all the lessons.

Aday Armas RamosData Analyst at Specsavers

Aday struggles with the structure of learning on other platforms, where the disconnect between lessons and practical application hindered his ability to retain and apply new knowledge effectively. This experience led him to seek a more integrated and interactive learning environment, leading to DataCamp.

I'd never heard of DataCamp before, but when I started, it was so easy to do all the courses.

Aday Armas RamosData Analyst at Specsavers

He was drawn to DataCamp’s user-friendly interface and the engaging format of the courses, which seamlessly integrated lessons with practical exercises and continuous practice. This approach was in stark contrast to his previous experiences and was exactly what Aday needed to effectively learn and apply new data skills.

One of the most significant strides Aday made through DataCamp was in mastering SQL. Before DataCamp, his experience with SQL was minimal, but the courses specifically tailored to SQL offered him the hands-on practice he needed.After completing such courses as Joining Data in SQL, Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL, and Functions for Manipulating Data in SQL, Aday was able to level up his SQL reporting skills.

Start Your SQL Journey!

Introduction to SQL

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Learn how to create and query relational databases using SQL in just two hours.

Intermediate SQL

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4 hr
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Accompanied at every step with hands-on practice queries, this course teaches you everything you need to know to analyze data using your own SQL code today!

Aday's growth in his professional role as a result of his learning journey with DataCamp is inspiring. His enhanced SQL skills have directly translated into increased productivity and efficiency at Specsavers.

I lot of what I do involves SQL. Every time I have to find new information through SQL, I go to DataCamp straight away and get it. I have been more productive, that's for sure.

Aday Armas RamosData Analyst at Specsavers

The newfound ability to swiftly and accurately analyze data using SQL has allowed him to contribute more effectively to his team and projects. This improvement in his technical abilities has not only streamlined his work processes but also augmented his value as a team member, demonstrating the benefits of continuous learning in a professional setting.

I've been studying along with all the projects I'm working on. It's helping me as I go, which is perfect.

Aday Armas RamosData Analyst at Specsavers

This approach of learning while working allows Aday to immediately apply new concepts and techniques to his current projects at Specsavers, reinforcing his learning through practical experience. His story highlights the ongoing nature of professional development in data analysis and the importance of a learning platform that supports this dynamic process.

Final Thoughts

Aday's experience with DataCamp shows the transformative power of targeted, interactive learning in data. From being a motivated enthusiast to a proficient data analyst at Specsavers, his journey is a testament to the impact of continuous learning and practical application.

His story is an inspiration for anyone looking to enhance their data skills, showing that with the right resources and dedication, professional growth is right around the corner.


Start Your SQL Journey Today!


Associate Data Analyst

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Gain the SQL skills you need to query a database, analyze the results, and become a SQL proficient Data Analyst. No prior coding experience required!
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